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Night One

My in-laws said this was the best brisket they've ever had!

Night Two

Did I ever tell you the story of how your Bubbe and I met? I was cooking latkes and the smoking oil set off the fire alarm.

Night Three

I like my Matzo balls thick and heavy! Schmaltz, egg, salt, matzo meal. Ah cha cha! I love this time of year.

Night Four

Dr. Leibovitz has me on this low-cholesterol diet. It's terrible. What, I can't eat salt any more? Now I'm supposed to bake these latkes instead of frying them? Just terrible.

Night Five

You want gefilte moist, Esther. Put bones into the stock! The stock keeps fish moist.

Night Six

Well my mother always used potatoes and sour cream in her Borscht.

Night Seven

There's more than one way to make Challah! Does T stand for tablespoon or teaspoon?

Night Eight

Bubbe is no longer with us but her spirit lives on every time we indulge in her tzimmes.